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Commercial Pilot Course with Instrumental Rating

This course, we provide our student's with the knowledge insight into general aviation program and students will attain the status of commercial pilot.

This course is designed to finish there training in 9-10 months which includes of the following description:

Flight Training:

  • Total Flying Hours 235 hours
  • Inclusive 30 hours Instrumental Ground Simulated Time
  • Inclusive 190 hours Single Engine (C-150/C -152/C-172)
  • Inclusive 10 hour Multi Engine
  • Inclusive 05 hours Initial Introduction Ground Simulator Time
  • Inclusive all Flight
  • Inclusive all Flight checks from CAAP, Philippines.

Ground Class:

  • Student’s Pilot Syllabus
  • English Language Proficiency Syllabus
  • C152 Equipment Qualification Syllabus
  • Private Pilot Syllabus
  • C172 Equipment Qualification Syllabus
  • Commercial Pilot Syllabus
  • Multi-Engine Equipment Qualification Syllabus
  • Instrument Rating Syllabus


  • Flying Kit/Bag
  • All applicable ground classes materials
  • Uniform (2Sets of Type A T-shirt)
  • Uniform (2Sets of Type B T-shirt)
Permit and License Processing
  • Visa Renewal During Stay in Philippines
  • Alien Certification Registration Card
  • Special Study Permit
  • NBI Clearances & Police Clearance
  • Other Misc. ID’s & Paper Processing
  • Hotel Type Twin Sharing Aircon Room
  • Food (Veg. & Non-Veg)
  • Transportation
  • Free Wi-Fi Access
  • Swimming Pool/Basketball Court/Sports Activity Center
  • Adventure Camp Training
  • To & Fro pre-confirm Air Ticket
  • Visa Assistance in abroad
  • Student Pilot License
  • Commercial & Private Pilot License
  • NTC Radio License
  • Medical Class 1/11
  • Additional Twin (Multi) Engine Rating
  • ELPR Rating

Other Aviation Services

License Validation/Revalidation

Regulations regarding the validation of pilot licenses vary for every country, including the Philippines.

This is the reason why Cyclone Flying School recommends that you check with your local civil aviation authority.

Generally, pilot licenses are validated in other countries provided that you pass the exams required by the aviation law of the country in which you wish to fly.

For example, a person from Japan or China who obtains his or her PPL or PHPL license in the Philippines will need to pass the local flying law examination in his own country.

The same applies to a person who qualifies in one European country and wishes to fly in another European country. Or one who qualifies in Europe and wishes to fly in the Philippines.

Internationally, Philippine flying schools and Air Transportation Office (ATO) are highly respected and recognized.

In this regard, Cyclone Flying School has trained pilots of different nationalities who initially obtained Philippine flying license and had these training certificates validated in their respective countries.

For information on the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Authority)

Pilot License Conversion

The Philippines is an ICAO signatory and recognizes licenses from other ICAO contracting States.

VGA assists clients with documentation and training requirements for Pilot License Conversion.

We offer ground schooling on Philippine Civil Air Regulations (CAR) and Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP).

The client must pass written examination on Civil Air Regulations from the Airman Examination Board (AEB).

Upon completion of documentary requirements, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) issues a Temporary Pilot License to allow Private Pilot License the holder to log at least 10 hours flight time on aircraft type in the Philippines and pass an oral and flight test from a CAAP check pilot.

VGA provides flight training to exceed the standards prescribed by the CAAP.

If you are interested in jump starting your career in aviation with a member of the world leader in maintenance,
repair and overhaul (MRO) services, let us help make your dream a reality.

Join our Maintenance Training Program (MTP)

It is one of VGA Technik Philippines’ VGA bridge programs which will arm you with the relevant knowledge, skills,
attitude and right values to be a competent aviation professional.

This 6-month training program is composed of classroom training and on-the-job training at our aircraft maintenance facility.

Successful graduates of this program will be considered by the company to be part of its regular workforce.

To be considered for an intake admission, an applicant must:

Be at least 18 to 28 years old should Be a graduate of any of the following courses:

  1. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (B.S.A.M.E)
  2. Aircraft Technology (B.S.A.T.)
  3. Aviation Electronics & Communication Engineering (B.S.A.E.C.E.)
  4. Avionics Engineering (B.S. Av.E.)
  5. Electrical Engineering (B.S.E.E.)
  6. Electronics and Communications Engineering (B.S.E.C.E.)
  7. Mechanical Engineering (B.S.M.E.)
  8. Aircraft Maintenance Technician (A.M.T.)
  9. Airframe and Powerplant Technician (A&P Tech)
  10. Communications Technology
  11. Electrical Technology
  12. Electronics Technology
  13. Instrumentation Technology
  14. Sheetmetal Technology
  15. Mechanical Technology
  16. Ground handlers provide essential landside and airside services to the air transport industry
With the ever green Aviation industry expansion the placements are immense and are still short of man power ,
you could opt to choose to fill the gap and get recruited right away after the training is over from our placement assistance and outsourcing unit .

Vision Group Aviation

We Rock the Sky , With us Sky is Never the Limit.

VGA Training Centre & Flying School

Vision Group of Aviation is reputedly the country’s one of the best training centre today. It was founded in 2010, a joint venture Filipino and Indians Pioneers in aviation.

The primary aim was to establish a world class aircraft maintenance training centre.

Due to its good reputation and best grading among the very few maintenance training schools here in Philippines,it has been approved authorized to accept
non- immigrant students pursuant to section 9 (f) of the Philippines Immigration Act of 1940, as amended, in relation to Rule 8, Subdivision A, paragraph 48 & 49 of Administrative Order No. 01 dated January 01, 1941.

The Bureau of Immigration had authorized us as one of the best Training School for training foreigners subjected to the compliance of all existing rules and regulations imposed.


VGA Philippines vision is to be the best company in Aircraft Training & Flying School in the world-in the eyes of our students co workers and communities .

We expect and demand the best we have to offer by always keeping VGA's values top of mind.

To be the world leader in aviation services that enable and transform into the best future in aviation.


Provide and give the best aviation training centre and flying school with upgraded curriculum and latest equipment for our students.

To provide the best & good facility for a better standard.

VGA’s principles of Education and Training is designed to introduce and provide student's to aviation careers available within the education and training career cluster.

Students use self-knowledge and educational and career information to analyze various careers within the education and training career cluster.

Students will also gain an understanding of the basic knowledge and skills essential to aviation and flying course.

Students will develop a graduation plan that leads to a specific career choice in aviation field.

Flight Operations

VGA’s main objective of the Training Center is to provide our students to fulfill and complete adequate flight training effectively
and to deepen the fundamentals of each course.

VGA has chosen the Northern part of Philippines such as Bulacan and Subic as aerodrumes to perform flight operation.

In these areas as the air traffic is low,This Facilitates us definitely to provide adequate and wider areal training to our student's.

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